As a professional roofer, you’ll already know the importance of having your tools with you on the job – but does your tool kit contain all the classic essential tools for professional roofers?

Here at Opal Hardware, we offer a wide range of tools to support tradesmen within a variety of construction and repair industries, as well as homeowners who are simply looking at taking on a little DIY.

If you work within roofing and are looking at improving your tool kit, here are just ten essential tools for roofers that are stocked right here at Opal Hardware!

Chase Wedge

A chase wedge is an essential when it comes to ensuring a top quality finish on any metal roofing work.

Used to reshape the malleable metals often used within roofing projects, such as lead and copper sheets, a chase wedge will assist you greatly in the bossing work needed to create the desired final product within your client’s roof repairs or installations.

Handy Bar

A handy bar, otherwise known as a pry bar, is a fantastic tool both in and outside of the roofing industry.

This tool often comes double-ended, with one end narrow enough to slip through the tiniest of spaces – for example, floorboards and roof tiles – whilst strong enough to pry and pull these items away if needed. Within roofing, handy bars are often something of a troubleshooting tool – troubleshooting being something that you certainly want to ensure is carried out to the highest standard when working on a client’s roof.

High Quality Hammer

This goes without saying – you more than likely already have a hammer within your roofing tool kit. However, it’s always worth ensuring that the hammer that you have is of a good enough quality to be used in roofing, perhaps even investing a specialist roofing hammer.

When it comes to hammers, we have no shortage of great options at Opal Hardware, so be sure to take a look at what’s on offer and update your tool kit with a brand new hammer.

Lead Dressers

Going hand-in-hand with the faithful chase wedge are lead dresser sticks.

There are a few different tools within the lead dresser family, including lead bending sticks, lead setting in sticks and, of course, lead dresser sticks. When looking to achieve that exceptional bossing finish in the final stages of your roofing project, a set of lead dresser sticks are a true essential, allowing you to reshape and adjust the malleable metals that make up the roof’s finishing materials..

Nail Puller

Another tool designed to assist in troubleshooting, nail pullers are created to do just that – allow roofers to remove nails that may have been mistakenly hammered into the wrong spot. We all make mistakes, but these can often be avoided if we have the right tools at our disposal, making this an essential for any roofer!

Flashing Tape

It’s important that all roofs are properly sealed, protected and waterproof. A high-quality flashing tape will allow roofers to seal around windows and other areas, preventing rot, cracking, leaks and overall improving the integrity of the seal. No job is ever quite complete without this!

Roofing Torch

A roofing torch is used to bond roofing rolls to a flat roof, keeping the two materials together and creating a strong finish. When roof torching is carried out effectively, it will create a high-quality seal, keeping the roof from allowing in any leaks. However, this isn’t their only use – roofing torches come in handy in a wide range of different roofing tasks, making them a great tool to have within your roofer’s kit.

Mortar Raking Blades
Designed to remove the mortar from in between bricks, mortar raking blades are essential in a wide variety of construction projects (especially when it comes to correcting or disassembling brickwork), including within roofing. There are a range of different mortar raking blades available on the market, with varying sizes and grit types.

Mitre Box

A good-quality mitre box is an essential for roofers who find themselves often working with wood. Designed to guide your saw to make precise, exact cuts, these tools are ideal for ensuring that you get a great edge every time.

Locking Tape Measure

Who could forget a faithful locking tape measure? A must-have for just about any sort of construction work, a locking tape measure is essential to ensuring that each and every cut and fixture you make is the perfect size and shape.

Available Now At Opal Hardware

Here at Opal Hardware, we stock all of the above and more – we’ll cater to each and every one of your roofing tools needs, as well as providing tools for a wide range of other construction, building or home improvement projects.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesman, we have all the tools you need. Our dedicated team are also able to answer your questions and advise you whilst you stock up on these essential pieces of equipment!

Take a look at our full roofing tools range now and order online whenever suits you. Any questions? Contact us – we’re always happy to help.