The Estwing 19 oz Ultra Series Black Framing Hammer has a Long Handle Ideal for Framing Use and is designed to be light and durable with a smooth profile that reduces its weight and increases the aerodynamics of the hammer.

There is an extra nail pulling notch on the head of the hammer allowing it to be used in confined spaces and a useful magnetic nail starter that holds a nail in position for quick one handed use.

Constructed from a forged one-piece of steel.

Forging the hammer from a single piece of steel offers the greatest strength of any construction method, with no welds or joints that can fail to ensure it is unsurpassed in quality, balance and finish.

The black vinyl handle on the Estwing 19oz Ultra Series Black Framing Hammer has a shock reduction grip which can reduce the vibrations caused by impact by up to 50 percent.

Overall length – 15.375 Inch/390.5 mm