A ready to use self setting permanent joint filler for use in both dry and wet conditions. No more wasted days due to wet weather. Can be used on joint widths of a minimum of 5mm wide and a minimum of 15mm deep. Unaffected by wind, rain washout and mechanical sweeping equipment. No mixing is required. Apply by brush. Non staining. Up to 20 times faster to complete than traditional methods. Resists weed and plant growth between joints. Water and air permeable – allows for continued nourishment of tree and plant roots. Enables ornate paving patterns and designs to be jointed quickly. Supplied in a hermetically sealed 14kg pack. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Protect the pack from punctures or piercing. Any exposure to air will start the curing process. MUST BE USED BETWEEN 30 – 45 MINUTES OF OPENING PACKAGING. Please read FULL instructions carefully before opening packaging. Data Sheet Available. Coverage: The figures given below are an approximate coverage based on a 14kg bucket.Stone Size Joint Size 10mm(W) x 25mm(D) 600mm x 600mm8.25 – 9m2600mm x 450mm6.50 – 7.25m2450mm x 450mm5.75 – 6.25m2300mm x 450mm4.75 – 5.25m2300mm x 300mm3.75 – 4.25m2